Visiting Interlaken

I started my journey from Paris Gare Lyon 🇫🇷to Basel then to Interlaken🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

I was really freezing while waiting for my train to Switzerland.🥶…then like 5 minutes after arrival to Basel, I need to hop on another train right away going to Interlaken.

And while on train, here are some of the sceneries.

I visited my long time friend after like 40 years. She married a Swiss and they have 2 daughters. I just met one of her daughters though. They are all sweet and warm people. They welcomed me in their house so generously🤗

On my first day, my friend who I am so fond with like my own big sister treated me a dinner at this famous hotel, the “Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel”

We ordered our food and had a great meal. We were both so full afterwards🤗🤗🤗

The following day, I woke up and went to the garden and just enjoyed the morning breeze….

So beautiful views….

“The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep.” ~rumi~

After a hearty breakfast, we walked around the city afterwards…

We had so much fun too like children😬😁😀

On my second night. We went out drinking red wine and tequila. What a combination, right? So what would you expect happened afterwards?

Anyways we both had a very good sleep that we thought we would miss going to the top of Interlaken.

But no, not a chance. Though we struggled waking up. We went up still to the “Harder-Kulm” 😁😄😃

When we reached the top “Harderkulm”, she said I have to try the “Swiss Cheese Fondue”.

Wow! It was really true cheesy and delicious😋😋😋

Three nights and four days spent in Interlaken was really joyful.

“People don’t take trips, trips take people”, and thanks to my big sister and friend, Rosemarie. Her warm welcome to me made my trip to Interlaken as awesome as possible, in-spite of the fact that it was really freezing at this season.

She said, I must come back during summer and promised that I will enjoy more😍

Thanks so much big sister. Until next trip😘❤️

Super Photos

These remarkable photos and background

music will leave a lasting impression.

Pour a cup of coffee,


  • Let us sit awhile and together we enjoy the moment to view the art of photography.



Click here to begin :Super-Photos


Hundred Islands Philippines, I took this photo with my iPhone 4, January 7, 2011


I love you guys! mmmwahhh


Enjoy and have a super gusto weekend to all!

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La Rochelle

I Shoot I Zoom Some Sassy Shots

Welcome to La Rochelle, West France



La Rochelle (French pronunciation: ​[la ʁɔ.ʃɛl]) is a city in western France and a seaport on the Bay of Biscay, a part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Charente-Maritime department.

The city is connected to the Île de Ré by a 2.9 km (1.8 mi) bridge completed on 19 May 1988. Its harbour opens into a protected strait, the Pertuis d’Antioche.

You can read more about La Rochelle here:

And here are more shots I took during my last visit August 2012.  Enjoy!

IMG_1495Vendors of wine in the Square


Anchor on display






IMG_1497An artist along the street 🙂IMG_1496


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Tooth Of The Day… The Best Come Backs!

The Cast:


Whew!…It’s gonna be tiring to be here everyday. I know this…but my creator wanted me to do this…

And you wouldn’t like to see me like this… Aarrrgh!

So I am telling you now to stick around… And watch me everyday.

And Toothsome always remainToothsome 🙂


Until tomorrow then and again and again…

I love you guys!

I love you guys!


Remembering My Mom On Her Birthday Today…

My mom with my youngest sister and little brother and me in my favorite orange mini-dress 🙂


Every time I feel gloomy or hurt
I come to your side for comfort
You’re the mom I know since birth
The person who’d remain my mirth…

You’re the woman who knows me better
You’d understand my needs and want
That even though how knotty those were
You’d come to save me from any avalanche,
You wouldn’t mind this, nothing else matter
For you would want me safe from the errant

You’re always available for me
No matter how busy you may be
How you’d wish, all the answers you’d give
And all the things I seek in life, I’d receive

You’re not only a mom but a best friend
You’d honestly tell me all my mistakes
Because you wouldn’t stand me to rend
But you’d stay with me ’til my heart rakes

Yes there were times we would fight
Obviously with our generation gaps, it’s quite
But you’re cool you’d never doubt my insight
You’d let our conflict flow and bring them to a light

We wouldn’t always agree in any thing
And may have some misunderstanding
I would show you my tantrum, all of my whining,
My bad behavior and all of my misgiving
Yet you would never tolerate them by ignoring
Rather you’d choose to tame me with fair scolding
Sure, you’d get furious or peeve from my complaining
But still your heart would be quick in forgiving

You would always manage to calm down
You’d open your big heart and wide mind
And you’d accept the all of me to understand
To make me realize that my life had just begun
For you knew that everything you have done
Were for my wellness when time comes that you’re gone…

Everything that you have taught me
Ever since when I was little were all true
Today, that I am a Mom myself, I agree
For I have understood them all out through
Your love is unconditional and eternally…

My Mom Her Sweetness And Loveliness


When I feel happy and worry-free
As I always am
Still you are always around,
And here you would come…
We would share all the joys all year round
And no matter how far you are
Or near or just around,
You would make me feel your presence
You would reach out to me
You would make me feel the essence
Of your loving touch, so warm and profound
That I would hear my heart pound heavenly!

Oh, we would truly feel blessed and blissful
We would celebrate together and be fruitful…

And you would wish the whole world to know
That I’m your daughter, so proud to have me
And you are my mother, who’d support me grow
To be smart and strong…I really am so happy!
You never gave up on me, so I’d keep my glow,
Oh, my mother… My life I owe you… I thank thee…

I love you Mom…

Abeille Amore

My biological mother died from acute myocardial infarction 3 days before her birthday on January 27, 2002.  (1934-2002)
It hurts to talk about her because I miss her every day  and we usually celebrate our birthdays together because mine is February 2 🙂
I chose her to be

My February Muse

So I will be talking a bit of her in My Muse  page every now and then so just stick around 🙂 Merci!

Toothsome Story Game 3 Is Now Rolling…

adollyciousirony says:

Nooby was walking with Beauty.

Toothsome Story

Nowan Zen says:

…Beauty crawled into a cup

Coffee Kitteh

adollyciousirony says:

then lively uprighted seeing that

toothsome story

    andy1076 says:

lake’s refreshing! Off, Beauty went.

Lake by Andy Photography




 Linda Vernon

The most funniest woman here in the blogging world…
But next to Toothsome… hahaha 🙂

Toothsome Story Game… Continues…

Toothsome Story Game 3

adollyciousirony says:

Nooby was walking with Beauty.

Toothsome Story

Nowan Zen says:

…Beauty crawled into a cup

Coffee Kitteh


Nowan Zen 


 Another Free Mind

Luckily my message went to AFM’s spam folder so here is the next 5 words of the story:

adollyciousirony says:

then lively uprighted seeing that

toothsome story

And I am tagging andy1076  



I Spy W…



Easy!  Does it not? :)

This one is called #ISpy and is the brainchild of Mum of One. Just have a look at the pic above and then use the comments section to say what you see.

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Mum of One
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Come along on this fascinating world tour

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and enjoy your travel!

Plus grab a cup of coffee with you 🙂

Happy Week end To All!

I love you guys! mmmwahhh!


When Yellow Blossoms

Add your thoughts here… (optional)

I Shoot I Zoom Some Sassy Shots

It radiates…


When yellow blossoms

How can she be unnoticed

No matter how far


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“I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With S.”

Would you like to guess what I spy in here?


This one is called #ISpy and is the brainchild of Mum of One. Just have a look at the pic above and then use the comments section to say what you see.

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Welcome To Outland Adventure’s Xcelerator Zipline

Do you know the other 4 players in our Art Game?


Well they spent their holiday in Davao to Outland Adventure 🙂
And here are some photos of them to share.

To those who love adventure this is a good place to visit when you are in the Philippines.
Click Outland Adventure which is located in Davao City and check it out 🙂





WOW! Amazing how they were all looking so natural… 🙂

We know how tricky they are when it comes to adding their images in our Art Game.

And look even here we can see how they were all creative with their photo poses and shots 🙂
Which I am sure they did something tricky in here… hahaha

Yep! These kids really enjoyed their holiday adventure in Davao City, Philippines  🙂

Come and visit one day 🙂

It’s only one and half hour travel from Manila to Davao…

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Outland Adventure’s Xcelerator Zipline

The Great Wall Of China

One of my JEST s  !

More photos to see next time 🙂

I Shoot I Zoom Some Sassy Shots

Miniature Great Wall Of China.  One of the famous attractions that you would see when you visit Shenzhen, China…  It’s an amazing work of art and architecture, isn’t it? I took this tour 17 years ago.  I bet there are more to see nowadays since Shenzhen is now considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.  It is one of the most populous and richest cities in China. These photos were taken sometime November or December 1995 and back then they accepted all currencies so you wouldn’t have to worry for any money changer. Though, I don’t know if they still do that until now.  By the way Shenzhen is situated in Guangdong, China on the Hong Kong border about 40km.  So when you travel to Hong Kong, take a side trip to Shenzhen.(that’s what I did… hehehe)  It is a great place to start your discovery…

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#1Spy: I Spy With My Little Eye- Something Beginning With 0…

Click the photo above for full story…

Easy!  Does it not? 🙂

This one is called #ISpy and is the brainchild of Mum of One. Just have a look at the pic above and then use the comments section to say what you see.

You can also click on the box below to look at this week’s other entries.

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