Smoking Area… Just Another Manic Monday


Manic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Supposedly, this actually happened…


Click the image to see the video:

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Fun Weekdays Everyone!



Toothsome Story

Five words from my super genius friend Ned 🙂
… leaking glazed all bran crullers…..


In the beginning, there was fish sauce…. and not much else. Of course, this was because things were still new and confusing, and no one had even thought about ice cream, or margaritas. But, the weather was good, so it was okay with most everybody…… people didn’t used to be so greedy. Then, of course, came the rules, first set up by a preacher, and things have gone downhill ever since…..

Life got really hard once there were rules, because, hey, no more fish sauce at bedtime, and folks have been playing the blues ever since that fateful day. We’d probably all rather have the fish sauce, but the blues are a pretty good trade-off, when you stop to think about it. And nobody pays any attention any more to the preachers, so things will get better, unless we start that old politics thing again. Boy, every time we…

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