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Hundred Islands Philippines, I took this photo with my iPhone 4, January 7, 2011


I love you guys! mmmwahhh


Enjoy and have a super gusto weekend to all!

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The Great Wall Of China

One of my JEST s  !

More photos to see next time 🙂

I Shoot I Zoom Some Sassy Shots

Miniature Great Wall Of China.  One of the famous attractions that you would see when you visit Shenzhen, China…  It’s an amazing work of art and architecture, isn’t it? I took this tour 17 years ago.  I bet there are more to see nowadays since Shenzhen is now considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.  It is one of the most populous and richest cities in China. These photos were taken sometime November or December 1995 and back then they accepted all currencies so you wouldn’t have to worry for any money changer. Though, I don’t know if they still do that until now.  By the way Shenzhen is situated in Guangdong, China on the Hong Kong border about 40km.  So when you travel to Hong Kong, take a side trip to Shenzhen.(that’s what I did… hehehe)  It is a great place to start your discovery…

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A Restaurant Where You Can Only BE Admitted Bare-footed…


Would you like to dine in this restaurant?
I would like to experience it, I will check it out on my next holiday… 🙂

Come on let’s check

 their website !



We spent  4days here in Brussels… for now here is a photo to share with you… there’ll be more photos to share soon 🙂

And to give you a bit curious, how about a 1920 scene in Brussels? Just click the photo to view it. Enjoy!

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Who Needs Truck In Vietnam?

They have learned to get by with what they have.


Vietnam Bikes

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