FTLOH-5 Thank You To All Haiku Lovers!

For The Love Of Haiku 5

I dreamt, you and me.

We danced with some loony blues…

Aliens were with  us!

Tiffanie King

The ObamaCrat
Jeff Whellan
Spoiled Brat

Congratulation Kim



For having the highest number of likes in this 5th month For the Love of Haiku.

She says :


World of mystery

Creatures of the blue unite

in utopia

with 38 Likes
Congratulation Kim!

And they say:


  Creating Myself Daily says:

Floating around blue,

depth of emotion expressed,

in odd, random ways.

 Mark Armstrong says:

mower clicks and clacks
water world of cyan hues
dig: rhythm and blues

 sarahpotterwrites says:

Waiting for dinner.
Fishmeal dropped from sky,
packaged in spacesuit.

 grosenberg says:
Lovely blue planet

Infinite Variety here

we are alien.

Jeff Whelan says:

What amazes us

is never what we expect,

so giggle away.
carolynpageabc says:

A hotchpotch of fun

for Sci-fi fans to enjoy!

Is there a film here?


We could make this grand

Everyone could play a part.

Who would be the hero?


And the pink pig wins!

Why? You ask why, my dear friends?

He’s got ‘em covered!


A pink pig; but who?

To play such a role needs guts.

Now, who can we choose?


I know; there’s but one

who has grace, charm and pink-ness

Yes, you have guessed it!


Miss Piggy could lead;

Dolly could space up in drag,

and we could all play!


How exciting, wow!

A movie ‘bout all of us!

Suit up one and all.


Come play with us now.

Put on your best garb and smile;

all win at Dolly’s haiku! 


adollyciousirony says:

Aliens are we not?

Supposedly we all are.

Some blues… All Is One! 

The Arts Antenna says:

Space experiment

LSD in food supply
status: classified

Thanks to all Haiku Lovers!

See you again on the 3rd Saturday of July :)

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