For The Love Of Haiku 17

The Eclectic Eccentric


Girls can run the world!
No need for heroes… except
Just to scratch her… Puss?
(or ear. whatever.) ^^

maybe it’s coz i’m in a naughty mood.. maybe it’s coz the photo prompt’s so darn ^^

haiku challenge and picture prompt here

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For The Love Of Haiku 17


For the Love of Haiku 17


Sea world meets

Toy cuddlers and cartoons

Fantasy of the human mind

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Sometimes, a few moments of time can seal our fate…

The Escalator Video…

Can you change people’s habits and attitudes?  Can you take a hard task and change peoples conduct and attitudes by making a hard job seem fun?  Watch what a group of scientists did using fun or pleasure to get people to use a long staircase with a moving escalator right next to it.

At first no one took the stairs; almost 97% of the people took the electric moving escalator.  Notice how scientists changed how people reacted to climbing a long staircase as first choice.  Now 66% more people took the stairs. This is not a joke but a practical value in life.

In the video, you can observe what the scientists did and how they completely reversed human behavior by inserting fun.

You Don’t See This Everyday…

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