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This page is for My Acknowledgement to all of my Awesome Fellow-Bloggers who believed that All About Lemon deserved all these awards.  

Feel free to click on them and visit their homepage and I am telling you that their blogs are worth to read any time of your day.  

Have fun and enjoy blogging. Merci to all of you! mmwahhhh 🙂

 Remember always that Sharing is Caring.

5th Kreativ Blogger Award 

by:   greatgreths





My 5th Reader Appreciation Award.

given by  Bob Othman

My 4th Reader Appreciation Award.

by: In Blue

My 3rd Reader Appreciation Award.

Awarded by

 Stephanie  of


My 2nd Reader Appreciation Award.

Awarded by

Mr. J.B.


Awarded by,


Thanks to Jeff Whelan for my 15th Versatile Blogger Award… I am truly honored 🙂

Cindy L Riemersma    







Details for this award is here: Sunshine Award

7 Tags, You’re IT!

Tagged by:





Awarded by:

 Aina Balagtas



Awarded by:

Awarded by: Jen

Creative Chaos Award


Awarded by: lostupabove gigoid  Red Red

Hug Award

Awarded by:

 Gabby Angel

Illuminating Blogger Award

Awarded by: Silentlyheardonce 


 Awarded by:   


Awarded by:

 Red Red M3


 Awarded by Carol


Awarded by:   Gabby Angel


Awarded by:





It’s compromise that moves us along

Laura Crean



 Awarded to me byBrad Stanton of

Give me 10 minutes a day and I’ll give you a happier, more successful life!

Thanks Brad for this award :) I am truly honored!


Awarded by:



Awarded by:

trjensen Cindy L Riemersma

 Tell me about yourself award

Awarded by:


Awarded by:


3 In 1 Award

Awarded by:Beth 

One Lovely Blog AwardABC AwardSunshine Award


Given by:  

Super Sweet Blogginh Award by
Lisa Summerlin 


Awarded by:  Gabby Angel isabellart

Awarded by Jeff Whelan

My Photo of Youthful Yogini

Awarded by  Jean Mishra 

Awarded by Autumn Sunshine





5 In 1 Award

Awarded by: 

Details for theses awards are here: Kreativ Blogger, Award,Creative Chaos AwardVersatile Blogger Award,Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments, and Reader’s Appreciation Award.

 piratesadmirationAwarded by:




Awarded by: Joe Bradshaw

Awarded by:

The Clements Awardawarded by:


Awartded by:

Moment Matters





Thank You So Much To All Of You!

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  1. Did you notice this week you were nominated for the Most Influential Blogger Award for 2012, a new award and really beautiful! Dolly i published it on my site on Monday ( Congrats and you are so very deserving! Check it out! God bless!

  2. Not an Award but a compliment. I enjoyed your blog during the year of 2012. Please follow the link to accept the honor.

  3. Here my friend is another well deserve award for have a great blog to visit.

  4. Dear Dolly, I’ve just nominated you for the “Blog of the Year Award 2012” 🙂 xox

  5. I was honored to receive The Blog of the Year 2012 Award and felt that you are deserving of the honor too. Please accept this award. Please follow the link If you don’t accept awards I do understand and only meant to acknowledge you as one of my peers.

  6. And just adding another versatile blogger award to your hall of fame 🙂

  7. Hi Dolly
    I finally got around to accepting the Readers Appreciation Award you honored me sometime ago. Here’s a link to it.
    Have a great day and week to follow.

  8. Congratulations! I have just given you the Tell Me about Yourself Award and The ABC Award – you can find out more about this here on my blog I do hope that you will accept these awards in the spirit in which they are sent to you. With best wishes – and thank you for your blog. Alyson

  9. Congratulations on your ABC Award!
    As the originator of this award you may be interested to know that I have now set up a Facebook group for all bloggers who have been given the ABC Award – a place for you to meet new bloggers, and share and support each other. You can join the group here:
    Please also let any other bloggers, that you know have been given the award, know about this group too – then we can all ‘spread the word’
    I have also set up a Facebook page – the ABC Award – where you can now add links to all of your blog posts and writing – share your work with a new audience, gain new readers, and find out what other ABC Award bloggers are writing about.
    You can find the page here:
    Just ‘like’ the page and get started – and do let all your blog readers know about this page – I believe that all of our blogs can only be improved by letting our readers know about other blogs – that way you will also have new readers discover you too!
    Happy blogging – and congratulations again on the ABC Award – you’re awesome!

  10. You deserve every award 🙂 🙂

  11. Jueseppi B. says:

    Happy Easter, and shall you never feel pain or unhappiness again. May your family live life in joy and prosperity.

  12. You’re so welcome!!!


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