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Welcome to my Music Passion and Tag Along With Me.

August Edition MP’14- Acapella

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Find our theme song
  • Post it in your blog.
  • Tell us something about it.
  • Your post title should be “Music Passion”
  • Always link your post with the Music Passion page.
  • Copy and paste Music Passion Logo on your side bar.Instruction:On your widget area,    place the IMAGE widget on your sidebar and place All About Lemon Music Passion url image : and then place the url page of Music Passion to link on your blog, so that anytime you’d like to check all music passion entries for that particular month you can easily access on it.
  • By the end of the month, I will post who’d get the highest likes.
  • The blogger who gets the highest number of LIKES will be his/her turn to tag us with his/her “Music Passion” for the following month.


Christina Aguilera – Oh Mother

by: Tahlliylicious

A Song For Mama by Boyz 2 Men


Arriane Marie

Maman de Christophe Maé



Backstreet Boys – The Perfect Fan


Spoiled Brat


  1. Hi Dolly! Find my better late than never acapella entry here:

  2. I uploaded four duets with Bono Here The most important one is the second duet with Mary J Blige.
    If you post only one, make sure it’s the song called ONE.
    It’s a really powerful rendition.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi guys! Will you “Fall” for me a second time? : )

  4. Hi Dolly, here I am — at long last — with my music passion for this month’s theme of “Falling”. I’ve contributed two contrasting Japanese pieces this time, the first one very energising and the second one very reflective. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

  5. Hey dolly, Find my entry for THIS MONTHS extravaganza HERE.

  6. How do you like the word Falling? I checked on youtube and there are quite a few of them out there. I’m doing my post now.
    Thanks again 🙂

    • Falling is an excellent choice! hmmm I have a feeling this going to be a great challenge to all of us.. hehehehe… Thanks so much Ghia dear… I look forward to look for my song too 🙂

  7. Hi Dolly, here’s my music passion for May — a lovely early music song that’s on my list to learn, although I don’t think I could sound quite as beautiful as Sarah Richards! Hope you enjoy it xoxo
    PS I’m just printing out the final draft of my completed novel as I do my music post (multi-tasking as usual!). Am telling you this, as I’m aware I’ve been rather unsociable whilst working on finishing my project. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing more of me now, although I’ve still the dreaded synopsis to write and the even more dreaded perfect query letter.

    • Wow Sarah, finally you completed your novel. You really are amazing in multi-tasking. I salute you for that. Your music passion entry is truly a soothing sound with Sarah Richards voice. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks and good luck to your novel and I wish for its success 🙂 xoxo

      • So glad you enjoyed the soothing sound of Sarah Richards’ voice, Dolly 🙂

        I love sopranos with pure voices like hers, but am not so keen on the shrieking warbling variety!

  8. Dolly, thank you for inviting me to choose the theme for may. Since it is spring, a time for rebirth, conjuring up love and flowers (both used already) I decided on the word BABY. Find my tribute to Frank Zappa and the Mothers (band name chosen on Mothers day) Here

    • I’m so happy for finding us a theme… “Baby” is a great choice for this month of May. Wonderful challenge… Thanks so much and you’re very welcome my friend 🙂 mmmwahhhh

  9. Dear Dolly, Here comes the “last”(?) night entry (last night, get it?)

  10. Hi Dolly, here’s my April Music Passion contribution at long last — an early music “Night” song by Henry Purcell. Hope you enjoy it, especially the impish lyrics. I love singing songs by this composer and other songs from this time period. xoxo

  11. Find my night ride Here

  12. OK Dolly, I kicked off the April 2014 Music Passion thread on my blog as requested. Theme for this month is NIGHT. Hope everyone will enjoy themselves.

  13. Just got word that the detailed animation I did for the Warlock’s MagicTV pilot has cleared post production and will be premiered in France at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.
    Wish me luck k?

  14. Take a look into the minds of “The Last of the Dreamers here!

  15. Hi Dolly, you can find my “dream” music passion for March, plus a little reminiscence to amuse you, at

  16. Smile along with me Here. Merci!

  17. Merci Dolly! My thoughts on vintage vinyl can be found Here:

  18. Hi Dolly, you can find my rather strange contribution to January’s “vintage” music passion at
    I hope you don’t mind me going for an instrumental piece without any vocals.

  19. Dolly, here’s My Music Passion WISH

  20. Dear Dolly, you can find my “wish” contribution to December’s Music Passion at
    Wishing you and your family a Joyous Noel 🙂 xxxx

  21. here is my Thank You to you Dolly and all your friends on All About Lemons Music Passion!
    Thank You

  22. Hi Dolly, sorry about the delay in coming up with a “thank you” song for November. I found a few that I didn’t feel passionate about, until I remembered this amazing hit from 1969. How I could have forgotten it, I’ve no idea. It’s a really happy, bouncy, cool song. Hope it makes you dance 🙂 xxxx

  23. A wonderful array of song videos entered in the challenge with the word “One”.
    I hope I’ve added everything needed for the challenge. If there is something missing please let me know as this is my first time participating. Thanks …..

  24. Hi Dolly. Hope you are well and feeling fully energised from the Summer! You can find my September song at
    Hope you enjoy it, as it took me ages to find my contribution to this month’s challenge. I was searching and searching for a tune that made me say “Ah, hah, that’s the one!” xoxo

  25. I entered This Magic Momentearlier this week, but haven’t seen it here yet. Perhaps I forgot to post the comment?

  26. Hi Dolly! Find my momentous entry Here
    Enjoy a Magic Moment!

  27. Done my bit for August Dolly 😉

  28. Hi Dolly, you can find my “moment” music passion for August here

  29. Beat this instrumental!

  30. Hi Dolly, here’s my very eccentric contribution to July’s passion for instrumental music 😉

  31. Better late than never. Find my Summer selections Here Enjoy your Summer!

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  36. Please May I enter?
    (Puns intended).

  37. Dear Dolly, here’s my music passion for May xoxo

  38. Hey Dolly!!
    I’ve posted my music passion contribution for this month 😉

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  40. My passion for the month is up Dolly 😉

  41. You can find my contribution to April’s music passion for songs about “day” at

  42. Thank you for honoring me with the first choice of 2013. My choice is the word “Day”. Happy April everyone!

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  45. I’ve don’e my bit for this month Dolly 😉

  46. Got my post with the word Spring in the lyric posted HERE:

  47. You can find my joyful “Spring” music passion for March at

  48. Okay, Dolly… I got my ‘very serious’ Spring song up and running… xoxoxo 🙂

  49. Gta 5! Новая версия игры! Просто кишит полицией!!
    gta через торрент

  50. I have posted my HeartThrobbing ditty Here: Eat your Heart out!

  51. My music passion for February is a French Art Song, “Ouvre to coeur” (Open your heart) by the composer George Bizet and sung here my my favourite countertenor, Philippe Jaroussky. It’s a very energetic song, with an equally energetic piano accompaniment. It made me smile and want to dance around listening to it, after a long day of concentrating very intensively on my writing 🙂

  52. This is one of my most favourite Celine Dion songs, Dolly…. just gorgeous… xoxoxo
    And I have my February ‘Heart’ song up too… Here ’tis..

  53. Dolly, I finally chose my ‘January Jazz’…. 🙂 mmwwaaahhhhh xoxoxo

  54. My Jazz entry is up

  55. Find december’s entry here
    Peace out

  56. Dear Dolly, you can find my “world” music passion for November at
    I’m back to my usual obscure renaissance self this month (after breaking out with a bit of Jimi Hendrix). Generally, I love early music, which, I guess, is why I sing it. Nevertheless, I will enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and listening to everyone else’s contributions at the first opportunity. Thanks, all xoxox

  57. I got my entry up an orbiting Here Come see the Crazy World of Leiulf!

  58. Hey Dolly, where are you? Is everything okay? I’ve posted November’s Music Passion…

  59. I know I’ve been rather ghostly on wordpress for a few weeks, but I’d like to enter the October music passion, here is the link for my post

  60. Hey Dolly!!
    Did my Morning music passion post 😉

  61. My entry in this month’s “morning” competition is on-line here

  62. Congratulations to Carolyn! Count me in, I’ve added my own selection for October: Morning Has Broken.

  63. Here I am again, with my contribution to this month’s music passion, which is Nana Mouskouri singing ‘Early One Morning’. And, thanks, as usual, dear Dolly, for hosting all the fun xxxx

  64. I love ‘The Chefs’ entry, Dolly..
    Shame we haven’t anywhere to vote for it…!

    • Yes, I told him about our Music Passion “Morning” and he sent me this right away… hahaha and you know him he loves Rock & Roll 🙂
      No problem, he is happy to contribute in our Music Fun.. xoxo

  65. Thanks so much Steve for joining us in our music fun! You’re so welcome! xoxo

  66. Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to listening to the different tracks that are posted.

  67. It’s a pleasure to have you with us 🙂


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