For The Love Of Haiku-4 And Sarah Potter Holds The Haiku Lover Title 2x


 sarahpotterwrites says:

 Unicorn disguised:

too risky to ride the seas

white-coated and horned.

With 26 LIKES 🙂

Congratulation Sarah!

And They Say:

A crushing jet plane.
Thunder, lightning everywhere:
This time no bombs fall.

Tiffanie King

Turbulent waters
beyond imagination
crackling and alive
Mark Armstrong  says:

I went to the beach
I hid under my blanket
Praying for coffee

: P

 grosenberg says:
The enemy comes
This fight will be a strange one
Dibs on the dragon
Mermaid beckons me
I would rather love than fight
Enjoy the dragon
Okay you tough guys;
let up on the battle stuff…
Get your homework done!

Mysterious sky.
The world dimensions open,
with sizzling light.

  Creating Myself Daily says:

Sirens cause chaos,
calm indulgence in a swim,
conquers even dreams~

Thanks to all Haiku Lovers!

See you again on the 3rd Saturday of June 🙂


  1. Oh, wow! Thank you to everybody who voted for my haiku 🙂 I feel most honoured to receive such positive feedback on my few words. And also, as always, a big thank you to Dolly for creating such fun opportunities on her wonderful blog.

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