Free Day- Cafe Siesta

Today’s coffee is so challenging to drink-up.
My daughter Greta just gave me this surprise gift- A jigsaw puzzle
I thought this one is so easy but, NO…
Just look how tiny these pieces are!



How about sorting first all pieces with yellow? With blue? With purple?  Hmmm… Whew!


Well, I just don’t know how many  cups of coffee I would have with this kind of game…. hehehe

But I am sure, when I am done. It would be worth it! 🙂

Anyways you can always grab the coffee you’d fancy at my Cafe Siesta.


Nothing to do?  Just click on one of my pages or categories, “Coffee, Anyone?” and you will be taken to a place where you can be relaxed and day dream and voilà!  I hope my coffee would just help to boost up your energy. Enjoy!

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Enjoy and have a super yummy weekend to all!

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I love you guys, mmmwahhh!


  1. Greta! Greta! Greta!!– must you torture your poor mother so?? There are at least 10,000 pieces there– a good number for donuts, but not for puzzle pieces!! I worry this puzzle could bring a tiny pucker to dear Toothsome’s perfect brow… : )

    Of course, Mac Giggles could put the puzzle together in about 5 minutes, but it would be all yucky from his sticky donut fingers… : (

    • True, this puzzle is hard 😂😅🤣😁😆😂 I decided to start to find the 4 corners and all the edges, gladly I had one line done… hmmmm I just got to stop and eat donuts more. ‘Will continue again next Friday🤣😅😅


  1. […] is my update for my jigsaw puzzle… cafe, last week…. I decided to find all the 4 corners and all the edges.  But this is where I get so […]

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