Free Day- Cafe Siesta

This is my update for my
jigsaw puzzle… cafe, last week….
I decided to find all the 4 corners and all the edges.  But this is where I get so far:




It gave me a super headache, whew!
Anyways, I thought that, Mr. Albert Einstein would give me a hint.  So Vince and I went to meet him, hahaha 🙂


Well, he said, I would need a big frame for my jigsaw puzzzle…. Whoaaaa!
Okay. Got it, Einstein!


And to help me connect the puzzle, while drinking my favorite cup of coffee.
Let’s watch this video.  Enjoy! 🙂

Or you can always grab the coffee you’d fancy at my Cafe Siesta.


Nothing to do?  Just click on one of my pages or categories, “Coffee, Anyone?” and you will be taken to a place where you can be relaxed and day dream and voilà!  I hope my coffee would just help to boost up your energy. Enjoy!

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Enjoy and have a super yummy weekend to all!

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I love you guys, mmmwahhh!


  1. E = mc2 (Ecstasy = Maria x 2 cups of coffee)

    E2 = mc2 + 2dd (Double Ecstasy = Maria x 2 cups of coffee + 2 dozen donuts)

    E3 = mc2 + 2dd + mp4e (Triple Ecstasy = Maria x 2 cups of coffee + 2 dozen donuts + Maria pays for everything)

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