My Candy-Flavored Submarine

A christmas tree.

She turns to her right side and reaches the lamp to switch it on.

She looks on her watch, “Oh it’s already near midnight.  Why he isn’t home yet.”

She cannot sleep again so she decided to make a coffee and continue to write her novel.

She goes to her study room and opens her MacBook Air.  She’s almost done with her last chapter.
Her mind is pretty occupied to come up with a splendid ending, when all of a sudden, she hears him knocking the door and calling her name, “Lan, darling open up!” Mulan is surprised.   She knows he has his own key.

“Coming!” She shouted and rushed to the door and almost slipped herself to the floor. “Oooops!”

When she opened the door she got more surprise,  “Vian, what happened to you my love?  Why are your clothes wet?” Vianito entered right away and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek.  “I just got to take a shower, my love.  I will tell you later what happened”.

Vianito on his fresh pajamas jumps to bed and embraces Mulan who stays seated on the bed waiting for him to tell her what happened.

“I’m sorry my love I came home late.  I was already on the Buologne Bridge, when I took my cell phone from my pocket to call you.  But I must have pulled it out so strong that my house key came with it.  It was strange because it flew away down the bridge.  So I tried to fish it out.  Hahahaha. “Vianito laughed out loud that even Mulan could not believe it.  They both laughed their heart out, they even got tears in their eyes.

“I did not find my key, but I saw some wasted oil and salad dumped along the lakeshore. It was disgusting how some people litter around.” A bit disappointed.

Then later he gets closer to her to kiss her, “Oh my love, you’re so pretty.  You want me tonight, don’t you, because you are wearing my favorite red lipstick on you, hmmmm?”  He teases her.

“That’s the general idea.” She smiles at him sweetly. “Come here, you naughty, naughty boy.”

Mulan grabs him and kisses him wildly, “You’re right.  I want you.”

Morning came and Mulan woke up late.  Beside her pillow she saw the note that Vianito wrote to her.

Hey sweetie, I didn’t want to wake you up but…

I have your name carved on my submarine
With a teaspoon of candy-flavored paint on my truck.
Oh you my sweet honey you…   You took all of my Sarin
Last night, was a big fight, until now my world, you rock!

Your candy-flavored submarine,

Mulan is happy.  She feels his  love all over her.

Morning sunshine fills her day.

Now she got work to do.  It’s day one of December.  Time to decorate a Christmas Tree.

Well, aren’t we all?

adollyciousirony 🙂


My Candy-Flavored Submarine


  1. That was a great piece of writing and a good read. I look forward to more of your stories.

  2. lovely mi lady. simply lovely.

  3. Thanks to all my co-bloggers who appreciate this short-fiction story 🙂


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